Christopher Ing

Computational Biophysicist, and Co-Founder at ProteinQure Inc.


119 Spadina Ave.

Suite 304

Toronto, Canada M5V2L1

I’m passionate about building at the intersection of life science, physical science, computer science, and data science. To overcome challenging problems in this space requires innovation and collaboration, and to better enable that, I strive to create tools to enable abstraction, accelerate experimentation, and tighten communication. However, I excel most in directing and performing translational applications of new technologies to fields like drug discovery.

Outside of my professional interests, I’m most fascinating by remixing, algorthmic, generative art. I’m a semi-retired turntablist and DJ, but continue to follow electronic music and hip-hop culture as it intersects with new technologies. I enjoy unconventional, indie, and open-world video games. I’m an avid cyclist and occasional disc golfer.

selected publications

  1. The role of dimer asymmetry and protomer dynamics in enzyme catalysis
    Kim, Tae Hun, Mehrabi, Pedram, Ren, Zhong, Sljoka, Adnan,  Ing, Christopher, Bezginov, Alexandr, Ye, Libin, Pomès, Régis, Prosser, R Scott, and Pai, Emil F
    Science 2017
  2. Structural basis for gating pore current in periodic paralysis
    Jiang, Daohua, Gamal El-Din, Tamer M, Lu, Peilong, Pomès, Régis, Zheng, Ning, Catterall, William A, and others,
    Nature 2018
  3. Molecular docking with Gaussian boson sampling
    Banchi, Leonardo, Fingerhuth, Mark, Babej, Tomas,  Ing, Christopher, and Arrazola, Juan Miguel
    Science advances 2020